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Banking And Insurance Program

24/08/2017 07:35:23 - 12/09/2017 07:35:23 - 286 Visit

Banking and Insurance Program

Babaeski Vocational College Banking and Insurance Program is the first Vocational College program in East Thrace (except Istanbul) that provides related education and training. As in all over Turkey, economic activities in the neighboring region have increased and it has become compulsory to carry out necessary insurance transactions in the region with the credit operations to ensure that these activities are covered. The Banking and Insurance Program aim to educate technicians who can catch up with the rapid changes in the finance and insurance sector, which will appeal to the immediate neighborhood new financial instruments, new banking and insurance products, new financial institutions and application.

Parallel to this, theoretical and practical knowledge that can supervise those who are familiar with financing technology, thinking, problem solving, effective in the sector and having analytical thinking ability, continue their activities to train adequate technical staff and middle level managers.


Employment Opportunities for Banking and Insurance Program Graduates

Graduates work in the institutions such as Capital Market Intermediary Institutions, Credit Analysis, Banking, Insurance, International Auditing Companies, Public Finance Institutions, Leasing Companies, Reinsurance Companies, Finance Departments of Businesses and Small and Medium Businesses which are the primary target areas of Banking and Insurance education. 


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