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Babaeski Vocational College; aims to contribute to the development of the region and country, to increase the level of prosperity and happiness by educating dynamic work force who have theoretical background, who can implement the application and follow the international scientific, technological developments and who will take place in the dynamic arena of business.

Our purpose, as a reputable institution that can provide high quality education within the framework of universal values ​​and with a student-oriented approach, is to educate the work force that can renew itself and make difference by knowing and reaching knowledge in accordance with the needs of the knowledge economy and thus to contribute to the social and economic development of our region and our country.              

With the decree taken at the meeting of Higher Education General Assembly dated 18/08/2006, our Vocational College started education in the1994-1995 academic year. With the decision of the Provincial Assembly of Kırklareli, Babaeski Atatürk Elementary School has been allocated temporarily and free of charge to the Rectorate of Trakya University for Babaeski Vocational College’s use. Trakya University Babaeski Vocational College has continued education in a 360 sqm main building and administrative building area, plus a 65 sqm classroom within Babaeski Municipality building. Kırklareli Ministry of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Finance allocated 1672 acres of land in Babaeski Taşköprü Village on 10.12.1999 to Rectorate of Trakya University for the construction of Babaeski Vocational College building. In November 2002, the construction of Vocational college buildings was started on this land and the construction was completed within 2 years. First programs were Business Administration Program, Office Management and Secretarial Program in Economic and Administrative Programs, Computer Programming Program in Technical Programs.

 The Law No. 5662, which was published in the Official Newspaper dated 29.05.2007 and numbered 26536, and the annexed Article 83 added to the Law No. 2809 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions, Babaeski Vocational College was transferred to the newly founded "Kırklareli University".      


Our college has a 117-student capacity lecture hall, 1 library, 6 classrooms with 100, 6 classrooms with 75, 1 classroom with 50-student capacity, 2 computer laboratories and a management floor for academic and administrative offices. The cafeteria (200 persons) and the canteen serve our staff and students in the newly opened 640 m² outbuilding. Lecture hall and all classrooms have immobile projector. Computer laboratories have internet connection. In open areas, there is unlimited wi-fi available to our students and staff.  

Volleyball, basketball and football fields are available for sports activities of students on 100 acres of land. All kinds of facilities are provided for students for their theater and music rehearsals in the lecture hall. In addition, students can regularly take advantage of the days and hours allocated to the Vocational College in the Babaeski Indoor Sports Hall.

* Babaeski Vocational College has ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate.  


- Provide equipment to be used according to the laboratories.

- Solving the physical distance problem with the fiber optic cable method to increase the internet speed.

- Organizing technical visits (such as industrial concerns based on agriculture)

- Organizing sports events such as a football, basketball, volleyball tournaments every year.

- Organizing trips to the surrounding historical and touristic places.

- Improving education and training quality, development of health, social and cultural activities for students.

- Increasing the inside areas where students will be able to benefit from the building.

- Keeping in touch with our graduates.

- Organizing an event at the end of each academic year that our graduates are invited to and informing our graduates regularly about the school, updating their contact/other information.


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